Wish List Wednesday: Home Edition

I am always thinking of new ways to spruce up our home. I'm ever so slowly beginning to work through each room in hope of getting rid of so many things. I desire a clean slate. Something new. Something fresh. Many of the knick knacks and decor I possess, I've had since my college days (which is further away than I realize. Almost four years! Holy cow!) I'm constantly falling asleep at night creating little decorating lists in my mind....a new set of sheets, a new shower curtain, could I paint that table? Etc, etc, etc. I love having a home that people can hang out at, play music in, and be a community in. Decorating and keeping a nice home is only a small piece of that picture. 

So, without further a-due...Wish-List Wednesday: Home Edition 

A vintage sheet set from Etsy.  This will go perfectly with a quilt I have for spring/summer. 

I've been crushing on this quilt for a long time. 

I love the pop of color on this shower curtain. It would make early mornings so much brighter. 

And just a few wishes for me....

These Tumbleweed Sunglasses are top notch. 

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