Baby Marin: Week Twenty Four

I have two words for you: SLEEP REGRESSION.

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I knew that all of those posts of me rambling on about how my child sleeps through the night would probably come back to kick me later. We have found ourselves in the midst of a growth spurt and a squirrely baby that wakes up A LOT. I have been reading up on things like this, because that is what I do, and nearing the 6 month mark of a baby's life they go through another growth spurt. During that growth spurt, many babies decide to switch up their sleep schedules and confuse the crap out of their parents. 

 photo week243_zpsdeaa318c.jpg

This is where we currently live. One of us goes in a few times a night to turn her around because she rolls all over the place and we put her back in place so she can fall asleep once more. There are a lot of flips and summersault-like actions occurring. Sometimes when I go to check on her because she is making more noises than usual, she is completely turned around and peeking through the railings in her crib like, "Mom, I've been waiting for you to come turn me around. How's it going?" Sleep deprived and bushy-tailed, I put her back in place only to go back in a few hours later and do the exact same thing. 

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Case and point, it's 4:30 in morning as I write these very words because I just got so sick of going in, flipping her back into place, and then trying to fall back asleep. Hello, Early Morning, I don't want to hang out with you right now. My cup of coffee next to me and Geoff the Cat are my only companions. Even Geoff is sleeping soundly in the chair next to me. Lucky Geoff. 

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I know this is probably only a phase and I pray that it is short lived. I need the "sleep for 11 hours a night" baby back. Mommy was able to function so much more like a normal human being back then. 

Let's go back to that. 

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Week Twenty Four. 

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