Reunions & Reminiscing

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The oldest photo I could find close to high school. Summer '04. I only went to school with 2 girls pictured here. 

My ten year high school reunion was last night. I didn't go. I stayed home, still in the yoga pants I had worn all day around the house, and I cared for my child. Later I made a delicious, new, paleo meal and hung out with my husband. That's how I needed yesterday to be. The baby had been fussy most of the day, I had accomplished some things (I finished editing the wedding) and didn't accomplish others. As I sit and write this, I am surrounded by piles of our things that I either need to sell, donate, or throw away.

I kept thinking though about high school and about all that has occurred in the last TEN years. Ten years. How did that happen? In the past ten years I painstakingly made my way to graduation, went to a satellite Bible college taught at my own church, didn't sign a record deal, went to actual Bible college, saw so many bands come and go, wrote a few records, made a few mistakes, felt the ocean on my face, saw a lot of good concerts, fell in what I thought was love at the time and had my heart broken twice, graduated from college, moved back home. In the past ten years I made it back to Colorado, days later met the love of my life, starting working at my grown up job that I still am at, got married, bought a house, played more music, took some photos, and had a baby.

Goodness. That's a lot of living in ten years of life and I am totally fine with the realization. Honestly, I didn't want to go to my high school reunion. High school for me was simply a launching pad into the life I live now. I went to my classes, got decent grades, went to work, and then went and played music late into the night. I really wasn't all there. I was everywhere else that I needed and wanted to be.

Would it have been cool to see people? Sure. I probably only communicate with about 3 people from high school and most of my close friends went to the high school across town. I just didn't want to deal with yesterday, if I'm being honest. My jeans don't fit the way I want, I would have to try and remember all of the faces, I would leave my kid and my husband for an evening to take a trip down memory lane that I don't really need.

The only thing I need today is what I already have: the realization that I have truly lived the past ten years. That's the only reminiscing I really need today.

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