The Everyday

I want to make a point to capture moments throughout our week, however mundane or extraordinary. This also forces me to take my camera with me more often instead of using my iPhone to take pictures all of the time. These are little moments. I want to remember each and every one for what they are and what we felt during that small sliver of time. Time is fleeting. 

 photo everyday1_zpsd5d26181.jpg
(Sweet potato tots can cure all things.) 

 photo everyday2_zpsec075dee.jpg
(A new experience. Solid-ish foods.) 

 photo everyday3_zps09f31a80.jpg
(The sun on my face, the grass underneath my feet.) 

 photo everyday3_zps05636f28.jpg
(How I've been beginning every morning.)

 photo everyday6_zps9dc29742.jpg
(unclear vision) 

 photo everyday5_zps8309f665.jpg
(A promise and declaration. No turning back now.) 

 photo everyday4_zps0c1e6ec8.jpg
(Early morning storms.) 

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