Baby Marin: Week Twenty Seven

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I've been really trying to make a point in the last week or so to slow down and take time to focus on Marin. Of course my focus is always on her in some capacity, but I'm realizing the importance of not always having my hands in ten other projects while taking care of our child. The days I spend with her are precious. She is growing quickly and every moment counts. I feel like I need to show her the world. I feel like I need to open up everything that I can for her and allow her discover everything that is around her, even in the mundane everyday where I haven't changed out of my yoga pants and my idea of makeup is a little bit of water proof mascara and some lip gloss.

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I am thankful that in this season of our lives, I get to work from home for a good chunk of my week. Being in the office three days a week has been a gift and I need to not take it lightly. I have four days at home with Marin. Now that she is starting to become somewhat mobile and seems to be reaching new milestones every single day, I'm realizing that importance of getting out of the house. I want to go for walks with her. I want her to experience what grass feels like for the first time and hear the birds and feel the sun. I want her to not be confined to a play mat or highchair. I want her to learn new things and see new things everyday.

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That is my new mission. It was there before but not in the same capacity that it is now. There truly is a whole new world out there for her to experience and I want to help aid in that discovery.

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Week 27. 

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