10 Things I Love

I read a lot of different blogs throughout the week. Many of them I come across do a post along these lines....10 Things I Love Sunday, Monday, Etc. So I thought I would join the bandwangon and see if I can keep up weekly. So, without further adieu,   10 Things I Love Today.....

1. Iced Soy Mochas, from this local shop of heaven. 

2. The fact that this chick is our friend, was in our wedding, and has become a youtube phenomena songwriter. 
3. The idea of learning how to knit. My mom is part of a group of girls who get together to knit and crochet once a week. I think I might look into that. 

4. Moleskin Notebooks. I'm obsessed with writing down my life's story in these. It just feels right. 

5. These clothes  from Forever 21. I need to take a road trip to this store and spend some money! (As you can see, I don't wear a ton of color.) 

6. The latest season of The Office is out on DVD. Since we don't have cable, we just wait for the latest one on DVD to come out. I hadn't realized how much I missed this hilarious show. 

7.  Zooey Daschenel. Seriously. Anything this girl touches I will see or listen to. I love that she sings in almost all of her movies and has killer style. 

8. Playing solo shows. I forgot how difficult they were, but I really miss doing them. Last night was wonderful. I love connecting with people about life and songwriting. 

9. Playing keys in this band of amazing gentleman

10. The fact that this keyboard is now officially mine. We sent in the last payment this week. 

Happy Sunday! 

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