This Friday...

I've been stuck in my house all day with this stupid flu bug. I'm about ready to break out into the open and go enjoy all of this fall weather. I'm dying for a cup of coffee as well....its been two whole days. Two days. That's far too many as far as I'm concerned. 


This friday I have the immense pleasure of being a part of a record release party for some new found musical friends, as well as play with the other band I'm in called The Nurses. I will be playing a few songs with Post Paradise as well, whose record will be released that night. 
*Sidenote: I actually took this photograph for Post Paradise. It's nice to have some of my photo work popping up in different places. :) 

I know I've mentioned this before, but I really love playing in this band. They're practicing this evening and I'm too sick to make the drive and practice. Major bummer. I HAVE TO GET HEALTHY!!! I'm behind at work now and with a show coming up in a few days, this flu needs to just disappear, for good! 

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