What a Week....

I'll begin with the gross part of this post. Earlier this week, we thought that I had been bit by a spider (gross!) on the back of my left leg. Later did we find out, after I finally went to the doctor because my leg was swelling up like a balloon and hurt, that I had a skin abscess.  Which means, they had to cut into my leg and get all of the gross infection out that my body had been using to combat a bacteria that I could have gotten anywhere. Needless to say, the doctor had to re-stuff my leg with gauze or what they call "packing." I have to get it taken out tomorrow, which is not going to be an enjoyable event! But, atleast it wasn't a spider bite. 


I also began this week with a new diet extravaganza! Ryan and I went shopping and stuffed our fridge and cupboards full of good, healthy food! It feels so nice to eat better. I even created meal plans for the week, which I have followed pretty well, except our dinners get kind of scattered every once in a while due to the craziness of life. 
I originally was contemplating going vegan, no meat, eggs, cheese, dairy, etc. Which is quite a massive task. But, due to the sanity of my poor husband that puts up with me and my healthy eating tangents, I decided to keep a little meat in the diet. 

Once my leg heals, I'll be back exercising again. It feels so nice to be taking care of myself. Since college, my self-image has been on a roller coaster ride. And now I have hit a plateau in a place that I'm not to fond of. But, my current goal is just taking far better care of myself than usual. I am always running a million miles an hour with my hand in far to many things, that eating and exercising kind of gets toss aside. This must change! I'll keep you updated as well! :) 

The Goal: *Which I haven't seen in quite a while! :) 

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