Ten Things I Love!

It is already another week and I can't believe it! How quickly time flies. But, alas, it is only Monday and this week is already amazing. On to the 10 Things I Love .....

1. I received my long anticipated (not really, I'm just really impatient. It arrived rather fast!) Red Velvet Art Package. Let the creating begin! I can't wait to make the planner.  

2. Getting to see this girl play a show. She is legit. I laughed so hard between songs, she's so clever and hilarious. I would die to have a stage presence like Danielle Ate the Sandwich

3. At the show, I also discovered a new band. They were soooo captivating and chill. It was such a good music night. They are a husband-wife duo called You and Yourn

(Photo By: Ryan Clark) 

Hear them HERE! 

4. All things that involve tea. It's my go to drink at night. 

5. My mom and I painted my new office (more like large closet) at work on Saturday. After playing a late, fun show on Friday, the last thing I wanted to to was get up early, but I think it was well worth it. 



6. As a musician nerd, I cannot WAIT for this movie. I think a group of us are going to make a night of it. 

(Sidenote: Jack White is the Man)

7. The fact that Ryan and I get to play this show this Friday. :)

8. Having an excuse to wear these again...it will be colder soon.

9. This place. Too bad I can't just buy a cheap plane ticket with my man and take a little trip. I've really been missing the northwest these days. 

10. This goes without being said...but this cute boy. :) 

Happy Monday! 

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