Setlists and Tea

Tonight, I will be playing a solo show at Everyday Joe's. I will be playing a really old song, called "Come and Go." I haven't played that song in a set in years. I wrote it around the age of 18, but decided it was necessary to include it. I will also be introducing a brand new, never before heard song, called "August." Truthfully, song writing doesn't come to me as easy as it once did. In all of times when I was writing far more than I am now, I was heartbroken, absolutely at the end of my rope, and that was all I knew to do and a way to conquer what I was facing. Life is different now. Life is good. Life is very good. The only disappointing part is the fact that the songs don't seem to come like they used to, I have to fight for them. I have to search them out in the caverns of my soul and hope I've found something I can use and play through. 

But, needless to say, I am looking forward to tonight. This morning was spent with cups of tea and writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, a setlist for tonight. 
The set is as follows....
So Very
Come and Go
No Where's Home
Two Weeks from Yesterday
Move on
Days of Summer
Standing By
Chasing the Change
You Were the One 

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