Chicken Taco Chili

I'm a big fan of crock-pots. A big, big fan. I've made this chili so many times in the past few weeks, I could probably make it in my sleep. I usually toss all of the ingredients in a crock-pot on Sunday when I'm running all over cleaning the house. Once my house is sparkling and clean, I scoop up a bowl of this goodness and relish in my clean house before anyone else comes home. 

I've been asked by a bunch of women I work with for this recipe, so here you go! Now when I smell up the work kitchen with this deliciousness, you'll know how to make it. It's so, so, so easy. Yet again, this is adapted from a Weight Watchers recipe. 5 points per serving, which is about a cup or so. 

1 can No Salt Added Black Beans
1 can No Salt Added Kidney Beans
1 can Rotel (tomatoes/green chilies) 
1 can tomato sauce (the smaller can) 
1 packet of taco seasoning (try to find one that isn't packed with sodium.) 
1 bag of frozen corn
A few frozen chicken breasts (I use the smaller tenderloins) 
A few dashes of chili powder
A few dashes of Cumin 

Place beans, corn, tomato sauce, and rotel in the crock-pot. Stir in the packet of taco seasoning. Add chili powder and cumin. Stir, stir, stir. 

Place as many frozen chicken breasts that can fit on the top of the chili. Don't stir it. Put the lid on and cook on high for about 6 hours or so. You want the chicken completely cooked. 

Once the chicken is completely cooked, remove the chicken pieces from the crock-pot. 

Shred the chicken. Once that's done, dump the chicken back in the crock-pot. Stir the chicken thoroughly into the chili. Let it simmer for a while longer. 

Serve and enjoy! We usually put a little bit of cheese on top and dip corn chips in the chili. 

Have I mentioned how much I adore my little crock-pot? 

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  1. Yummo!! Going to make this soon for my family! Thanks Baily! Shelly T