Thanksgiving 2012

I want to keep this short and sweet. Simple words. 

I am so thankful for my husband, my family, my health, my job, and all of the wonderful people I have the amazing opportunity to live life with. I am thankful for my freedom, for being able to play music, for being able to pick up a camera. I am thankful for what has been, what we are living now, and the future in front of us-- whatever it may hold. 

So, so thankful. I am also so, so full. 
Contribution #1: Sweet Potato & Acorn Squash 
Contribution #2: Green Bean Casserole (The only time of the year I eat this delicious dish.) 

So much food.

Amazing pies by our sister-in-law. The mini ones were my favorite. 

 I have spent the day decorating for Christmas, wrapping presents, listening to She & Him, and trying to fix our garbage disposal. 

All in a days work. I've got to work off all that I consumed yesterday somehow. 

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