Current Obsession: Goodebox

I love getting things in the mail. Magazines, snail mail, make up goodies, etc. I used to receive Birchbox, which I loved, but decided to take a break from that a while back. But, then I discovered another product delivery service and thought I'd give it a try. The new glorious box comes from a company called Goodebox. They boast a supply of natural and vegan beauty products. I opted to receive the box every other month instead of every month because one of the things I found with Birchbox was that I didn't use the stuff quick enough before I got the next box in the mail. That caused quite the stash of awesome beauty products in our bathroom that were left unused and seemingly forgotten about. 

I have been very impressed with the contents of the Goodebox. I've tried almost everything in this month's order. My skin is far better than before and I feel good about using a natural beauty product.

This month's box included: 
Revitalizing Dead Sea Mud Mask
Celtic Complexion Cream (I love, love, love this product! Makes my dry wintery skin so much softer.) 
Mineral Foundation, Blush and Powder
Summer in Spain Whipped Cocoa Butter (This smells heavenly.) 
Happy Face Foaming Scrub Cleanser (Also totally awesome.) 
Nourishing Meadowfoam Serum

All of that for $16 every two months. Totally doable and then I can try beauty products I probably would never have tried or even heard of before. 

Revitalizing Dead Sea Mud Mask

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