Currently Clicking: Week #18

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Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week, my FITBIT obsession continues, house tours and before & after photos have me pinning way too much on pinterest, Tiny Houses still are grabbing my interest, a good face scrub is something I need in my life, photographs of motherhood make me realize that the journey I'm on as a mother is awesome, and grilled pizza, because why not? 
  1. These are a tad out of my price range, obviously, but I'm not the biggest fan of the rubber FITBIT wrist band that comes with the FITBIT. Something more stylist would be so awesome! Check out Tony Birch for FITBIT. 
  2. This house tour. I realized that I kept pinning images on Pinterest of this house. I love it. 
  3. To continue on with my Tiny House obsession, here is some Eye Candy of Small Spaces. I think what resonates for me is the idea of having so much less stuff. We have too much stuff. I need to take a few weeks off and just clean out my house. With a baby in tow. Which sounds so realistic. (add sarcasm here.) 
  4. I am always looking for more natural ways to take care of my skin. It is technically the biggest organ on your body. I'm not always as nice to it as I should be. Try this Coconut Nut Oil and Sea Salt Scrub. Add some essential oils and I think this would be wonderful. 
  5. I love a good before and after photo, no matter what it is for: weightless, home design. Here are 20 Crazy Before & Afters To Make Your Jaw Drop. These make me want to rip out a few walls and break out the paint cans. 
  6. This has been floating all over the internet lately but I think it's so powerful. Long lost photos show how motherhood hasn't changed that much in the last 50 years. These photos are so powerful. 
  7. It's no secret that we are serious pizza lovers in our home. I do believe we would eat it every day if we could and if our waist lines would allow. Keep dreaming ton that one. But, this Corn Tomato Shisito Pepper Pizza looks great and you grill it! We need to try this whole grilling pizza thing. 

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