Baby Marin: Week Twenty One (5 Months)

 photo week21_zps12bdfaa3.jpg

Tomorrow, our little peanut will be 5 months old. This past week has had its ups and downs but through it all she still continues to capture our hearts. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next week or so we see a tooth poking through her sore little gums. It's been quite an uncomfortable experience so far and I know that it is no where near the end. But, we are learning and loving through it all and that has to be enough.

 photo week211_zps1881d9b4.jpg

Marin is constantly rolling over. I have been needing to go in a few times every night to make sure she hasn't rolled herself into a corner of her crib. She is still trying to get a handle on how to control all of that. Since we no longer swaddle her at night, she roams ALL OVER THE PLACE. I am on constant watch right now with the baby monitor. I hope the end of that is somewhat near.

 photo week213_zps8b1b4a88.jpg

Anything that is close to Marin eventually gets into her drool covered hands and into her mouth. She has to touch and taste every little toy. She is a drool machine and has been destroying bibs throughout every single day.

 photo week212_zps76bf6d4d.jpg

Ryan did take some awesome photos of her this week but I can't get them off of the camera. We are having a bit of a file conversion issue. Once I get that figured out, I'm sure you will be seeing those photos. They are cute. Marin is pretty darn cute. Stay tuned.

Week 21. 5 months old!

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