Life Lately: Fourth of July

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(This post is inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe. I love her blog so very much.)

loving the opportunity that I have to only work in the office three days a week. 
celebrating every time Marin rolls over or almost giggles. We are so close. 
enjoying slower evenings with Ryan after Marin is in bed. 
obsessing over the Barre Method workout videos that I have been working through. 
preparing the same meals over and over again. 
wondering if we will be able to put our house on the market in the spring. 
packing my breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day. I am the bag lady. 
checking our bank account and wondering how we have no money even when I am doing No Spend July. How does that work? 
wishing I could just work in a creative field all of the time and not just on the side. 
drinking iced tea with Doterra Lemon or Grapefruit. 
planning to teach a few Doterra Classes this month. 
reading this book. I can't put it down. I have to force myself to go to sleep. She makes me want to work my butt off. 
listening to the new Lana Del Ray record. 
watching Longmire & Friends. I am excited for Netflix to bring back new seasons of this & this
marveling at how quickly our weeks go by and realizing that I will have a 6 month old in August. 
feeling the need to recharge and relax more than I do. 

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