Baby Marin: Week Twenty

Marin is 20 weeks old this week. We are inching our way into being 5 months old. 

 photo week201_zps2ed0278e.jpg

Marin at 20 Weeks: 
+ We have established a great bed time routine that includes bath time, nursing, and getting her to bed around 7:30 or 8:00pm. She is still sleeping through the night. 
+ We have finally stopped swaddling her at night and let her sleep in her cute footy pjs. She is starting to move around a lot at night and the swaddle wasn't helping. 
+ The grandparents brought home a high chair for her yesterday and we can't wait to start using it. 
+ We are currently reading short stories about Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends. 
+ We hear more noises come out of her mouth every single day. 
+ Giggling is so close. 

Mama at 20 Weeks: 
+ We hired someone to clean our house this week and I feel like I've won the lottery. 
+ I am eating well and working out when I can. I recently became obsessed with the Barre Method and have a few videos that I do when I get the chance. I recently just hit a weight goal that I haven't seen since before I was pregnant. 
+ I am trying to keep up with, editing a wedding, writing the blog, Doterra, another business venture. Life is nuts but I love it. 

Dad at 20 Weeks: 
+ I have a sneaking suspicion that he has a pact with our child to let mommy change all of the poopy diapers. 
+ Him and Marin started re-watching the Harry Potter movies. 
+ He is working away at King Soopers and doing some more video work for them. 
+ He is slowly building his ever growing Blu-Ray collection. We even have received a few for the little one when she is a bit older. 
+ We've been having someone help mow our huge, unmanageable lawn as well. He probably feels like he has also won the lottery. 

 photo week20_zps0acce334.jpg

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