Baby Marin: Week Ten

We are slowly getting into the swing of things around these parts. Last week marked my first few days back at work. We are learning how to do all of this one day at a time whether it be trying to get me to work on time, getting Marin to Grammy and Grandpa's house for daycare, finding time to hang out and be a couple, and spending time as a family. Every minute seems so precious nowadays. I feel the need to be organized but also be willing to throw all of that out the window and spend an afternoon watching Netflix and cuddling with our baby.
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Marin has slept through the night all week. I feel very lucky to say those words. She usually is down for the night around 9:30pm and doesn't wake up until 6am lately. I don't know how we got here, but I am embracing it and going with the flow. The fact that we have a child that SLEEPS right now is a gift from heaven and I don't take that lightly for a second. Can it stay this way all of the time? Please? Probably not a realistic goal but I'll bask in the sleep honeymoon while I have it. I imagine teething will bring its own fair share of fun. 
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With my return to work, I have had to start pumping while I am there. I really am not enjoying that whole process and wish I could just be at home breastfeeding my child, but that isn't where we find ourselves. It is frustrating to be mid-meeting and have to excuse myself to go pump in my office for 20 minutes at a time. I already feel so far behind because I've been on maternity leave, I don't want to miss anything and feeling like a cow isn't exactly high up on my list of things I'd like to do with my time. It feels really good to be back at work and escaping to my little cave every few hours isn't really something I am liking at the moment, but I shall endure. Breastfeeding and pumping as much as possible is what is best for Marin and I will tell myself that for as long as I can. We have started supplementing about one feeding a day when I am working. At first, this drove me crazy and I didn't want to head in that direction because it has been drilled into my brain about how "breast is best."  I know plenty of people have plenty of opinions about that subject in general, but this is what is best for our little family right now and that is where we will remain. End rant. 
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Marin constantly lights up our lives and I am thankful that we are learning and growing up as a little family with each passing day. I am not as exhausted as I once was. We are landing on something that almost resembles a routine. We are both back at work and I know that Marin is in good hands when we can't be with her. It's all happening and we are so blessed by all of the people that help make that possible. This is a grand season we find ourselves in. 

Week Ten. 

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