Weekly Lovelies: Currently Clicking Week #4

Each and every week I try to gather up some of the places I've been clicking on out in the good ol' inter webs. There's so much out there, so much to weed through. But, this is where I've been clicking this week....

  1. I've been researching more about Doterra oils. I'm currently curious about daily routines with the oils. Here's one, another, and another. 
  2. I'm dying over these kitchens. Someday. 
  3. I'm still obsessed with how other people do weekly meal prep. Once I go back to work, this will be a must to incorporate into our lives. Here's an example, another, and another
  4. I like learning new things. I like growing in the knowledge that I have about things as well. This website is doing just that. I think it's just so cool. Sometimes you don't need a college class, sometimes you do. 
  5. This post would have been helpful when I moved 1200 miles away from all of my friends and family. Sometimes making new friends is hard! 
  6. As a mom, I'm really not loving pumping breast milk for my kid. Sometimes though I have band practice or something for work and someone else is watching her. Thus, I must pump. Here are a few tips on pumping: one, two, three. Even though I really don't like it currently! One thing is certain: I need to drink way more water! 

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