Weekly Links: Currently Clicking #7

Here are all of the places I have been clicking around the internet this week.....
  1. Another small home in a movement of tiny living. This would make a great little retreat. 
  2. Some new blogs I've added to my reading list: one, two, three.
  3. This 30 Day Cleanse is killer. I already ordered the e-book and can't wait to try it at some point. Eating whole food is where it's at. This isn't just a juice cleanse. 
  4. I love this post: How To Have A Great Life Without Spending A Lot Of Money 
  5. We are starting the process of potentially selling our home and buying another. Here is a list regarding home inspections, 10 Things to Do Before Selling a House,  a quick-clean checklist to use before showings. 

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