Baby Marin: Week Eleven

This morning came awfully fast today. It's still only around 5am as I write these words. The rest of the world is still asleep and dawn is slowly creeping into our street. Here I sit. Tired but thankful. Tired but aware of how lucky we are that our baby sleeps through most of the night still. What we are running into now though is that she has begun to move a lot when she sleeps. Swaddling her is slowly not going to be an option. She scoots and slides her way all over her crib, upside down and sideways. Half of the time I don't hear her at night when she is doing her acrobatics but when I go in to feed her in the morning, she is in a completely different position all together. This newfound mobility freaks me out and I don't want to her to pin herself in a corner and hurt herself. Is this a thing? I know bumper pads in cribs are a no-go nowadays but what's a mom to do? I just don't want to sit up all night worrying about every little movement, especially because our baby has been such a good sleeper. This is this week's predicament. Thoughts? 

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Marin is eleven weeks old today. She adores Bernie the Bunny. She hangs out at my parent's house two days a week while we are at work. I've gone to part time status at work and this is the first week that really is coming into fruition. 3 days in the office, the rest from home. I feel so very blessed to be able to have more time with our child and the fact that we, so far, have not gone down the road of paying for childcare. We are in a good place. I have no idea how we would pay for day care at this point. It would be like taking on a second mortgage. I understand now why some moms or dads chose to stay home instead of go back to work. Childcare is super pricey. 

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I would have very much loved to have slept in a bit more today, but this little gal had a different idea in mind. She is now swinging away, completely asleep next to me and I plan on drinking a pretty large americano in the near future. I do enjoy how peaceful it is in the morning though. It makes beginning the day a lot easier. Here's to another Tuesday on the books and another week with Marin. 

P.S. My husband took the photos for this week. We sure love him. 

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