Weekly Lovelies: Currently Clicking #10

Every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. 
I want to make sure I don't forget these some where down the road. 

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  1. The Ultimate Ikea Shopping List: 9 Cheap, Chic Classics
  2. Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge: A 2-Week Detox plan that focuses on eating REAL food. 
  3. MOTHER: A new web mag for Moms. Style, living, beauty, food, and travel. It also just looks so darn good. 
  4. The Only Pizza Dough Recipe You Will Ever Need. I need this in my life. 
  5. 20 Little Ways to Buy Happiness for Less Than 10 Bucks
  6. A Beautiful Mess has done it again with their newest E-course: Blog Life. Learn how to make a living doing what you love. I love everything about this. 

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