Baby Marin: Week Seventeen~4 Months Old

As you are reading these words, we have a four month old baby. It is still shocking to me that we have already come this far. She is growing so quickly.

 photo week16_zpsb02c28cd.jpg

Marin at 4 Months:

  1. Very, very vocal. Coos, semi-giggles, gurgles, etc. We've heard it all. 
  2. Smiles spontaneously at everything and everyone. 
  3. Cries in different ways to show hunger, pain, or being tired. 
  4. Reaches for toys, using hands and eyes together. 
  5. Recognizes familiar things and people at a distance. 
  6. Holds head steady. 
  7. Rolls over from tummy to back. 
  8. Brings hands to mouth. 
  9. Pushes down with her legs when she is on a solid surface. 
  10. When lying on stomach, pushes up onto her elbows. 
Mama at 4 Months: 
  1. I now sleep through the night. I am so thankful. 
  2. I just started a new clean eating meal plan to get back into my skinny jeans. 
  3. My hair and skin have been freaking out for a while now. I've never lost so much hair in my life. I'm trying not to think about that too much. 
  4. I wish I could just spend all my time with Marin. That would be so great. 
 photo week17_zps4f0f6fd0.jpg

Dad at 4 Months: 
  1. Ryan also sleeps through the night. No more late night, early morning feedings. 
  2. Marin & Dad day is usually on Wednesdays. She loves her dad. 
  3. Ryan is hoping to get back into the swing of things soon in regards to movie reviews and expanding his Youtube realm. We are slowly finding our feet again. 
  4. Ryan just celebrated his first Father's Day. 

4 months old. 4 months. On Friday, we get to find out what she weighs again. She is growing like crazy. 

 photo week16and1_zpsb705c40c.jpg

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