Weekly Lovelies: Currently Clicking #13

Where are these weeks going? So far in the past few weeks, this little blog has only seen Baby Marin posts and Currently Clicking posts. My apologies for the lack of further content. My days pass by so quickly. I blink and here I sit creating this post of lovely links for your enjoyment.

Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week, we are keeping things fairly practical with some awesome snack ideas, what you barista is really thinking about your coffee order, a DIY for your kid's room, and some frugal ideas in baby-land and beyond.

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  1. I love a good avocado. Stuff a salad in it and I'm sold. Try these Avocado Cup Salads, Two Ways. 
  2. And to further our journey on the good food & snacks train, try this Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip or this Grilled Cantalope. (I have to try this!) 
  3. The hubby and I want to sell our home next spring. We also want to be debt free before doing so. Any post that involves living frugal, I'm all for. Check out this post on Frugal Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap).
  4. I'm still not sure if we will ever head in the direction of cloth diapering. It is so much more affordable, but there are a lot of steps attached. Here is one woman that used to cloth diaper, then didn't, and then returned to cloth diapering. Interesting. Confessions of a cloth diaper drop out (and how I got back on the fluffy bottomed bandwagon.)
  5. Once Marin gets older, I would love to do this little DIY for her room: Kid's Clothes Rack DIY.
  6. And finally, 5 Coffee Orders & What Your Barista Really Thinks of Them. I worked as a barista and can relate to each and every one of these. 

On a side note that isn't from a blog or somewhere online....
We went on a lunch date yesterday and tried out a new place in town. I am obsessed. It was such an enjoyable meal. We went to a place called the Mainline in Old Town, Fort Collins. 

I ordered the Southern BLT, which has fried green tomatoes on it. Oh My Gosh. I love fried green tomatoes and have only had them once or twice in my life. 

We also had the staff picks beer choices for lunch. Mine was a darker beer with bourbon infused into it. 

We will be going back. I am sure of it.

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