Life Lately: Photos & Thoughts

Last weekend my dear friend, Josh, came through Fort Collins for a visit. He was on the journey of moving back home from Nashville for a season. Good conversations and good food was had. He makes me think about life in so many different ways and helps me realize that where I currently find myself is a really good place to be in the grand scheme of things.

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Cheese biscuits & cappuccino  at The Coffee Tree. 

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Sea Food Goodness at The Mainline. (Yes, I went there yet again...) 
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(This post is inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe. I love her blog so very much.)

loving every little noise that Marin makes. 
celebrating our own anniversary. 5 years together. Half of a decade of awesomeness. 
enjoying evenings spent with my husband. Unwinding for the day. Also talks about life with dear friends. 
obsessing over all things Doterra. 
preparing every single meal that I consume. A new, clean eating meal plan. 
wondering if life will ever slow down for just a minute or two. Where has June already gone? 
packing a diaper bag that is ready for everything & anything. I am the crazy bag lady. 
checking the baby monitor all of the time only to find our little girl sleeping like a little rockstar. 
wishing we could go on a trip somewhere. I want to pack our bags and find ourselves somehow on the coast. 
drinking a glass of wine every once in a while after the baby is asleep for the night. 
planning so many new business ventures. I need to focus. 
listening to the new Jack White album. 
watching Longmire. Friends. Game of Thrones. I finished Orange is the New Black the weekend it was on Netflix. Oops. 
marveling at how everything somehow falls into place when it comes to parenting even though we really have no idea what we are doing. 
feeling overwhelmed at times & tired, but excited & ready for what the next few months hold. 

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